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VSN Skin Rejuvenator Cream
30 gram Large Tube


$60.00 USD

15 gram Small Tube


$32.00 USD


This is a very unique formulation devised by Dr. Saleeby and found nowhere else. This cream is used on several different types of skin disorders (dermititis) for anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and healing properties. This product is made to order to insure freshness so allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. It is made by a compounding pharmacist under strict pharmaceutical regulations. This proprietary blend of vitamins, herbals and extracts was first developed as an anti-aging face cream, but found to be useful in other applications. When the cream is applied nightly (or at least three times a week) it works as the most powerful anti-aging cream in the industry. It can also be used by estheticians as a 20 minute mask during facials. This skin rejuvenator cream protects the skin from premature aging, lessens the effects of free radical damage due to sun 
exposure, and other environmental hazards. This cream will also prevent collagen fiber matrix breakdown and provide nutrients to the largest organ of the body, the skin. It is recommended to use post laser or microdermabrasion procedures to eliminate redness and sensitivity. It has applications in acne, psoriasis and eczema. It can be used also as a topical antiseptic cream form minor cuts, abrasions and burns. This product is all natural with no additives. It gives sunlight (UV radiation) protection due to Zinc oxide content (not SPF rated).

This product contains a proprietary blend of:

Tea Tree Oil
Green Tea extract
Vitamin C
Grape Skin extract
Mint extract
CoQ 10 (highest in any type of skin product on market)
Chamomile oil
Calendula oil
Chickweed oil
Witch hazel
Phosphatidyl choline
Vitamin E (mixed/natural)
Zinc oxide
Lavender for scent

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