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(pharmaceutical grade Fish Oil)
60 gel caps (month supply)

Essential Fatty Acids are fats needed for proper body function. Since all our cell walls are made up of a lipid bi-layer, the fats we consume are deposited in that layer. So the saying goes 'You are what you eat.' There are good and not-so-good fats. The American diet is deficient in the good fatty acids (Omega-3) for we consume too much Omega-6 and -9 in our diet.


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Supplementing with this balanced combination of deep cold-water fish oils will bring in the necessary types of oils and fats to our diet. This will allow the cells to function more effectively by allowing hormones, nutrients and waste products to cross cell wall membranes efficiently. Pharmaceutical grade High Potency EFA (VSN Opti-EFA) versus Health Food store quality EFA makes a big difference. Health Food stores cannot guarantee their oils free from mercury or PCBs. We Do! For those who lack or have low activity of Delta-6-desaturase enzyme pure fish oil allows for a better EPA:AA ratio, and overcomes this problem by those consuming just flax oil.

Pharmaceutical grade fish oil has the following characteristics:

Concentration of EPA and DHA > 60%
Ratio of EPA/AA > 25:1
Concentration of PCBs < 10 ppb/g

Because of these strict specifications, the supply of pharmaceutical-grade fish oil is very limited (it takes 100 gram of health food-store-grade fish oil to make 1 gram of pharmaceutical-grade fish oil.)

Mercury and PCBs (a group of toxic chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons found in inks, electrical condensers, batteries and other industrial compounds) are known to cause skin disease, birth defects and cancer. They can be found in higher concentration in animals higher up on the food chain, such as large fish (tuna, salmon, shark, sword fish). Some low quality EFA supplements may contain high levels of PCB and Mercury. Opti-EFA has the lowest possible levels of these contaminants found in any EFA on the market, guaranteed. A low dose of Vitamin E insures freshness and does not allow the oils to become rancid.

Deep cold-water fish oil features highly concentrated levels of the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and their benefits are not to be ignored. EPA and DHA are fatty acids that nutritionally support cardiovascular health, brain and neuron function, act as a mild anti-inflammatory agent and help maintain healthy triglyceride and other blood lipid levels. EFAs remain a mainstay of Dr. Saleeby's recommendations for anti-aging, cognitive enhancement and HRT protocols.

1 Soft gel capsule contains:

Total of 500 mg of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
EPA 300 mg
DHA 200 mg
Vitamin E 1 IU

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