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"I began taking the Vita Sanus Nutraceuticals over a year ago. As a working wife and mother I need all the nutrition and energy I can get for my long, busy days. In the past I took daily vitamins you can find at any store. The differences I notice since taking the Longevity Pack are that I sleep well and wake up rested; I have energy throughout the day and evening; and my hair, nails, and skin appear healthier. Before Vita Sanus Nutraceuticals, I was susceptible to every little "bug" going around, especially colds. I had as many as 4 to 6 colds a year; I have not had one in 16 months.

The handy pre-packs make it easy to remember the morning and evening doses and are really great for travel. They save you money not having to buy them individually. I know I'm getting the best grade money can buy and I'm taking only what I need."

Gail Bullock Odom
(Miss Georgia 1973)


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